Selected Publications

(2018). Production of Estonian case-inflected nouns shows whole-word frequency and paradigmatic effects. In Morphology.

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(2016). Individual differences in pupil dilation during naming task. In CogSci.

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Selected Presentations

Mis võimaldab meil mõista keelt? - teadmisi suurtelt andmetelt eesti keele sõnadesse.
Jan 5, 2018
Paradigmatic effects in Estonian inflected noun production.
Sep 9, 2017
Pupil dilation as a window to Estonian lexical processing.
Feb 19, 2017


  • A story in the Estonian journal Mari about my research and life as a PhD student in Canada (September, 2016).

  • A story about psycholinguistics, eye tracking and my research on the Estonian research news portal Novaator with English translation here (March, 2018).